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I trust this finds you and yours healthy and intact. Wherever you are on your journey to optimal wellness this course on immunity support is for you. It's an express course in that it circumvents the years of education it takes to fully understand the immune system, but don't be fooled. This course is deep and wide with useful support ideas and just the right amount of education about how and why these ideas work.

I know you are savvy enough to know that nothing in this course can be construed as a cure for anything. Those are federally protected words that are hotly contested these days. Rather this course is a repository of healing information both cutting edge and ancient. It's a cross between having a conversation with your trusted family doctor who makes house calls and carries a little black bag like Doc Baker on Little House on the Prairie and a wild medicine woman or shaman who has a wicked sense of humor and has a side hustle as a mom and a backyard farmer. 

I hope that clarifies your vision of what is being offered here. It's nothing short of everything, curated to be easily integrated and interesting. 

Why I created this Immunity Community Support

People need help. Medical science is intentionally not accessible to most. Add to that everyone's need to work in their own zone of brilliance to stay afloat and you see what we have here in the USA - outsourcing of health due to a loss of generational wisdom and an over-reliance on a for-profit industry to dictate healing information and interventions. 

Forget understanding the pathophysiology of Lyme disease or cancer. Most clients just want to know what vitamins to take, how to keep their kids healthy, and what the heck to eat. 

This platform is the culmination of my passion for learning and for sharing that wealth. I believe we should take back our rights and responsibility for our own bodies. This is my contribution to help you do that without the long waitlist and expense of seeing someone in a medical office. All of the juicy content at your pace, when it works for you, with access to me for questions and clarifications! 

This is a community 

You can't know this yet but when you sign up for this learning platform with me you are joining forces with a community of like-minded, deeply caring folx (an inclusive spelling of folks!). This platform is the brainchild of that entire community experience, not just my ideas. I sat and listened and then delivered what everyone has been asking for - sane, safe, clear help. You are not alone. We need each other and we have proven that when we work together illness becomes wellness!

 I am forever grateful for the community that continues to bubble up around our need for healing support.  My heart is so full for you all. 

Join us!

I would like to invite you to join this extended family to not only boost your immunity but your community of support. The feedback so far has been great. Many have said how helpful it was to have Boyd Wellness as a medical home while their practitioners were not available during COVID and how good it felt to have someone help with the totality of issues, not just testing or remedies.  My goal is to offer a high-impact service to support you through these uncertain times with thoughtful, sane, compassionate care.

Here’s what I have in store for you: 

  • Access (24/7) to an online membership platform containing:
    • Concise videos from me about the immune system, prevention, and remedies. Topics include how does the immune system work, when should you go to see your doctor, what supplements are best for supporting immune function in general with a special unit about kids, Corona and school, and Corona specific protocols based on the best available science.
    • These can be watched in any order as often as you like.
  • PDFs on related topics like healing diets, common drug issues to manage, specific lists of supplements with sample doses, and more!
  • Links to educational resources like YouTubes to explain concepts, and Amazon links to make shopping for home care items like Pulse Oximeters and Nebulizers easy.
  • Audio meditations and mantras from me to your heart for immune support.
  • Links to prescription-only supplement companies for high-quality, powerful nutraceuticals for you and your family.
  • Access to the Boyd Wellness cork board for postings on clean eating, recipes, cookbooks, green cleaning and more!
  • Ongoing updated materials and refinements.

I hope this feels like a warm hug and a fun invitation to continue to build our community in novel ways.

If you have questions or concerns about pricing don’t hesitate to email me to discuss. I offer scholarships and exchanges for the full-priced module and trust that I will be financially supported in my heartfelt offering along the way. 

Bless all of you with abundant health, love and beauty always,


(payment plan options available please contact us for more info  (

5 Modules

Module 3: Treatment

If you're not feeling great, don't worry. I've got you covered. Take a look at this module. Be sure to see the video and the reference handout about when to seek professional medical help. If you need my professional help there's a link below so you can request an appointment (virtual or in-person).This module contains lots of useful information about supplements and strategies to improve your immunity. 

Of special note is an article I have attached about pulse oximeters. I have been suggesting these simple devices to my patients for years to empower them to know more about the functioning of their healthy bodies and to educate them about deep breathing. With the recent pandemic, I was thrilled to have my patients have this resource at home so I could better manage their care by assessing the severity of their lung symptoms. There is a link to buy an inexpensive pulse oximeter in this module under the Medicine Cabinet Supplies title. I highly recommend having at least one per family and testing everyone at least once to see what their baseline (meaning healthy) oxygenation rate is. As the article will explain to you, a healthy rate is 95% or greater. 

Tools like this are helpful if they make you feel more confident and secure. If it makes you feel anxious or over-medicalized don't do it. It's not necessary. It's just a suggestion. :)

Module 4: Kids Immunity Backpack

This is the place to start if you are trying to support any child's immune system during school. Links to great products to protect their eyes during zoom classes and detailed description about common supplements and the dosing ranges for various age groups. 

As always, here if you need me!

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*Please take note: This module is for general educational purposes only. Jennifer Boyd is a Physician Assistant licensed in the states of CT and NY. You are required to have your own licensed medical provider to help you manage your health. 

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