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Jennifer Boyd is a tireless learner in pursuit of the holy grail of discovering what makes one optimally well.

She is the recipient of the prestigious Bergen award for clinical excellence, a Physician Assistant, Summa Cum Laude, a Reiki Master, and a Master's candidate in Ecopsychology.

Jennifer has completed training in functional medicine, biological medicine, somatic movement therapy, darkfield microscopy, terrain auditing, organic land care, and multiple modalities for energetic healing such as Theta healing™ and Innerwise™. A natural-born psychic and trained medium, Jennifer brings to bear a unique combination of skills and passions to her ministry of healing all beings. She is humble in her efforts to continue to bring forward the many healing gifts she has received and continues to unearth. It is with great respect and honor that she brings to you this healing work.

You have in your possession a sacred set of information carefully cultivated to be easeful to receive and clear to integrate. Jennifer hopes that this work will enrich your personal journey to wellness.

Available Products

Immunity Support Concierge

The Concierge Platform includes complete access to the online platform +

  • Email access to Jennifer (up to 2 hours a month) for questions and concerns related to this topic.
  • Private Facebook group inclusion for current materials/articles/community conversation
  • Access to quality, private company supplements at a discount of 15-25% off retail.
  • Discount on home ozone units.

This option is great for:

  • Getting more hands-on with your immune system
  • getting to know Jennifer a little better
  • understanding the science on immunity
  • knowing you are not alone on this journey
  • saving money by doing things on your own but with a healthy dash of support

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