Ketamine Assisted Therapy at Boyd Wellness

Making the decision to therapeutically use a psychedelic is important and should include all the known risks as well as benefits. Although ketamine is a safe medication it is not risk-free. It's easy to get swept away by the hype around ketamine and psychedelics in general. This brief module presents the benefits as well as the risks in an easy-to-peruse format with charts and videos to deepen your understanding. 

If you intend to journey with Jennifer, this module is required reading. 

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Ketamine: Taking the journey

In this section, we will get specific about how to prepare for your journey and what to expect. Woohooo! 

After Ketamine: The Ketamine glow!

Meds You may take any daily prescribed medications and resume normal food and liquid intake after your session. Make sure to hydrate well afterward.

Driving  After treatment and recovery, you will need a friend or family member to drive you home. You will not be allowed to operate motor vehicles or heavy machinery for the remainder of the day. You may take a taxi/Uber/Lyft if needed, however, we encourage you to have family or a friend drive you after the first session.

Journaling  You may feel inclined to journal or document your thoughts in a recording about your journey. Please do so as this will be helpful for your integration session.

Big Decisions - WARNING!

DO NOT make any life-changing decisions in the first 48 hours after your session. Do not make any significant purchases. It's best to use that window of time for yourself. Make notes of people you want to connect with and things you would like to say and do and review those notes 48 hours later before acting on them!

This is a sacred window of time that you should protect and use to rest, deepen your connection with nature and practice impeccable self care as you adjust to light and sounds and integrate the emotions that may arise.

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*Please take note: This module is for general educational purposes only. Jennifer Boyd is a Physician Associate licensed in the states of CT and NY. You are required to have your own licensed medical provider to help you manage your health. 

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