Circle of Healing: A CME Retreat Connecting Land and Body - July 15, 2023

This experience is for you if:

  • You're feeling overwhelmed with work and underwhelmed with life.
  • You're currently or about to be in a life transition like a new job, retirement, or empty nesting.
  • You're yearning for more meaning and depth in your life. You want to feel nurtured and pampered in the beauty of a natural setting.

There's CME for that! If you're a healthcare provider, you can earn CME while you recuperate!

Spend a day on the LAND in beautiful Redding, CT. Rejuvenate your senses by exploring this 3-acre backyard farm under the gentle tutelage of Physician Assistant, Ecopsychologist, and Backyard Farmer, Jennifer Boyd. 


This day-long retreat will provide encounters with a friendly farm pup, goats, chickens, ducks, and a hive of honeybees (as your comfort and interest level allows).  We'll make connections between human health and soil agronomy, and learn what the natural world offers our neuroimmune system. We'll talk about psychedelics, botanicals, and energetics flowing back and forth between known science and theory. Using the art of ceremony and rites of passage we'll enliven and deepen your connection to self, nature, and "other". We'll eat organic and nutrient-dense foods and celebrate with organic teas and kombucha on tap! 

"To the ancients, the natural world was a place where the sacred and the transcendent were made manifest; rituals were performed with the full belief that the participants were in fact communicating with their gods- and that their gods were listening." 

Follow me on IG and let your nervous system get acquainted with my energy and space and listen to the still, small voice inside of you to decide whether this opportunity is right for you right now. If you're meant to be here, you'll know. Trust your intuition! And if that feels new to you or you'd prefer to connect more you can email me for a 20-min exploratory call!

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 Circle of Healing Retreat - July 15, 2023
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*Please take note: This module is for general educational purposes only. Jennifer Boyd-Mullineaux is a Physician Assistant licensed in the states of CT and NY. You are required to have your own licensed medical provider to help you manage your health. 

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*Please take note: This module is for general educational purposes only. Jennifer Boyd is a Physician Assistant licensed in the states of CT and NY. You are required to have your own licensed medical provider to help you manage your health. 

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